ZOOM MS-50G - a multi-effects pedal with impressive overdrive-distortion sounds

3 knobs, 4 buttons, 1 footswitch
Power Supply:
9v DC, USB, 2AA batteries
not available
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This is a very powerful and versatile stompbox that can emulate: Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss OD-1, DS-1, and Metal Zone, MXR distortion+, EHX Big Muff and some other overdrive/distortion effects, along with the chorus, delay, reverb, pitch shifter, amp emulators and many other useful things.

The most importantly though, is that the effects sound realistic and natural, and you can create a chain of different effects in arbitrary order, including for an instance: placing two or more overdrive/dist one after another.

Example Settings

(position is indicated in space relative to the numbers on a clock's face)
Classic Rock Crunch (bridge pickup)
Effects category => 'OD/DIST', effect => 'Squeak' =>
gain: 9:30, tone: 1, level 1:30

Light Warm Overdrive
Effects category => 'OD/DIST', effect => 'OverDrive' => 
gain: 4, tone: 1, level 2

Moderate OD (neck pickup)
Effects category =>'OD/DIST', effect =>'Dist+' =>
gain: 11, tone: 2:30, level 3:30

Lead Guitar Sound for a Ballad
Effects category =>'OD/DIST', effect =>'MetalWRD' =>
gain: 9, tone: 3, level 2


Plugged into a PRS Studio guitar, through a Laney VH100R amp (Clean Channel) and L412 cabinet.

At about 6:45 the man in the video shows the emulations of:
• Electro-Harmonix - 'Big Muff' (Great Muff)
• Pro Co - 'The RAT' (Squeak)
• Boss - 'Metal Zone' (MetalWRLD)

at 7:55 he compares the 'Zoom MS-50' to 'JVM Drive British Distortion' analog pedal.

All these emulations are with the delay effect on.
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