Wampler Plexi-Drive British Overdrive Pedal

gain, tone, volume, bass boost switch
Power Supply:
9 volt DC/battery
solid-state, analog circut
Discrete circuit:
not available
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A very crunchy pedal with an electronic circuit that is based only on discreet components, no microchips are on board. I counted 3 transistors as main components while looking at its schematic diagram.
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If you're seriously considering to buy this pedal, check out the wampler plexi drive deluxe, it it is based on this Plexi-Drive Standard with added tone tweaking features like: 3 band Bass/Mids/Treble EQ, a bright switch to add highs, an extra knob and soft click switch to control pre-gain boost.


with Strat, PRS Studio and Les Paul Std

Demonstrated on different pickups

2:22 PRS studio
4:52 Les Paul Std.
7:35 Stratocaster with all single coil pickups

amp: HIGHWATT SA212 Custom 50 amp

with Tele and Stratocaster guitar

Brian Wampler, the designer of the Plexi-Drive British Overdrive and his assistant demonstrate the pedal's abilities.

The amplifier: Deluxe Reverb Reissure.

Playing with Telecaster:
from the beginning to 2:40

Playing with Stratocaster equipped with the humbucker pickup in the bridge:
from 2:52 to the end
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18-watt Marshall like tone, hand made overdrive pedal, natural crunch