Behringer Vintage Tube Monster - VT999

gain, volume, eq-[treble, mid, bass], noise gate switch, threshold
Power Supply:
9v no battery
Vacuum tube (analog)
Discrete circuit:
not available
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It's one of those rare cases when a vacuum tube driven guitar pedal costs about the same as an overage solid-state effect.

With this affordable box, apart from having a real 12AX7 valve clipper, you'll also get a 3-way equalization, an integrated noise gate with the threshold control, and most importantly a warm vacuum tube tone, not a "tube-like" emulation.


With a Squier Telecaster

Soloing and rhythm guitar examples, using the neck/bridge pickup.

At 2:40 - tweaking the eq knobs.
At 4:10 - the dalay effect is added.

Behringer Tube Monster vs Ibanez TS

No information about the guitar and the pickups in use. But overall a great comparison with many nice blues licks.

Some light delay effect is used with the Tube Monster.
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