TECH 21 Boost Overdrive with the unique SPARKLE control

drive, boost, sparkle, tone, level, boost switch
Power Supply:
9 volt DC/battery
solid-state, analog circut
Discrete circuit:
not available
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The main cool thing of this pedal in my opinion is the sparkle knob, that adds upper harmonics for a brighter sound, that I very liked.

Another useful feature is the 21dB clean boost that can be used independently from the overdrive effect to push your amp. The booster is located after the overdrive circuit so when used with the built in overdrive effect and a clean amp, it won't create heavier gain, rather punchier and louder sound.

Example Settings

(position is indicated in space relative to the numbers on a clock's face)
Emulating a treble booster:
drive: 0
tone: all the way up 
sparkle: all the way up 

Making a mid boost:
drive: down
tone: all the way up 
sparkle: about noon


With a Strat and Les Paul Traditional Guitar

Stratocaster: 00:46
Les Paul: 04:43
The treble booster trick: 05:11

with a Gibson SG guitar

Only some riffing over the bridge pickup.

with a Fender Stratocaster

Some riffing and a bit of soloing
only over the single coil bridge pickup.
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