Fulltone OCD - (version 1.4)

volume, drive, tone, high pick/low pick switch (HP/LP)
Power Supply:
9 volt DC/battery
solid-state, analog circut
Discrete circuit:
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The Obsessive Compulsive Drive is capable of producing the complex array of overtones, and tube-amp like tone, it has a lot of of available gain (about 30db). The gain is very uncompressed.

the HP/LP switch allows you to get more "British" like sound or very close accuracy to the original sound with very little coloration that better suites for clean boosting.

The pedal can be run on the 9 volt standard guitar pedal adapter, or any 9 to 18 volts regulated DC adapter with the negative center pin. Using more voltage should bring louder and more dynamic sound.

Example Settings

(position is indicated in space relative to the numbers on a clock's face)
Blues/Rock Rhythm Tones (neck pickup)
volume: 11, drive: 10, toggle: low pick, tone: where needed

Rock British Sound (bridge pickup)
volume: 10, drive: 1, toggle: high pick, tone: where needed


Playing through a Les Paul and 65 Amp Solo

With a Stratocaster and 65 Amp Solo

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handbuilt, open sounding overdrive-distortion, wide dynamic-range, tube-like distortion, Marshall like, MOSFET and Germanium clippers