Nobels ODR-1

drive, spectrum, level
Power Supply:
9-12 volt
solid-state, analog circut
Discrete circuit:
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I discovered 'Nobels ODR-1' when stumbled upon one good video comparing this pedal to 'Modtone Dyno' and the plastic version of the 'Ibanez Tube Screamer' overdrive pedal. I included this video at the bottom of this page.

The tone of this pedal really stood out in a good way to my ears, and seemed somehow similar to the tone of the drive channel on my 'BlackStar HT-5' tube driven combo amp that I love. This amp while being great is pretty bulky and heavy for me to go somewhere with so I considered the Nobels overdrive as a solution for having a nice tone, while being portable at the same time.

I even put the sound of the aforementioned comparison video through the delay unit to check it out farther, (I play leads using the delay effect most of the time) and got very melodic results.

Anyway, when watching demos of other stomp boxes on the net, I've discovered the 'Boss OD3' pedal with comparably great tone, decided to give it a short first, bought it, and was so satisfied, so finally I haven't bought the Nobels. But this pedal remained in in my list of worthy overdrive pedals.

There are also special versions of 'Nobels ODR-1' with extended functionality:

Nobels ODR-S
has 3 additional knobs: bass, mid and treble control, instead of the spectrum knob.

Nobels ODR-1 plus, 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
with additional Boost switch that extends the range of the Drive control bringing more gain potential.

The 'ODR-1' and 'ODR-1 Plus' pedals have a unique SPECTRUM control, as the manual states:

This control changes the amount of deep-mid and treble frequencies at the same time. In min. position you have warm mid-tones for a great blues sound. If you turn the knob clockwise your sound become harder, ideal for a really good hardrock sound.

Example Settings

(position is indicated in space relative to the numbers on a clock's face)
 Setting Name       Drv. Sp. Lev.
Crunchy Blues        7   10   4 
Standard Blues       10   1   1
Standard Blues Solo  12   9   3
Hardrock Rhythm      1    3   1
Hardrock Solo        4    4   3


Comparing Nobels ODR-1 to Modtone Dyno Drive and Ibanez Tube Screamer

Equipment used:
guitar: Les Paul SG
amplifier: Tube powered 18 watt 'MAZ 18 Jr.' by 'Dr. Z'

with a Les Paul guitar and Fender Tweed amp

clean and moderately overdriven sound:
0:51 - neck pickup
1:33 - bridge pickup

More overdriven sound:
2:15 - bridge pickup
2:47 - neck pickup

using a Les Paul Studio Gem guitar (SINGLE COIL PICKUPS)

amp: Fender Pro Junior

This video mainly demonstrates the SPECTRUM control while playing crunchy riffs through the single coil bridge pickup.

with a Strat and Les Paul Std. guitar

amp: Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue

0:00-2:11 - Intro

Medium Drive
2:11 - Les Paul
3:27 - Stratocaster

Full Drive
4:52-6:17 - Les Paul
natural sounding overdrive pedal, buffered bypass, laud lead tone