About ODboxes.com

I'm electric-fire (prefer to use my nickname) have created this website for people like myself, who like the overdriven guitar sound and like to compare different stompboxes, their tonal nuances, flexibility, gain range and so on.

I've published as many pedals' characteristics as I could find out, but only about ones that I liked either from my own personal experience playing with them or I've seen many of their demonstrations online and thought they are something.

Another important mission of this website is to compare the same pedals with different guitar types, mostly: 'Lespaul Standard', and 'Fender Stratocaster'

Although the videos I published mostly taken from the video hosting websites and easily available there, I cherry-picked each one before putting them here, while providing some useful information like: at what minute begins guitar soloing, and where starts the 'rhythm', when applicable so you should spend less time checking out a pedal.

If you have any thoughts or a question you can write me a message using this form (it's on my other website for beginner electric guitar players).

Many video demonstrations on this resource are embedded from the youtube.com website. It means that youtube and consequently its owner google are constantly "looking" at what videos you watch even if you're doing it via this website by using their tracking cookies, and generally this is a BAD THING.

If you want to know more about privacy in relation to computing, check out the following page: Proprietary Surveillance by the GNU project.